Our original plan

Our original plan

We may have to take the west coast route if Egypt remains unstable as we were going to ship our car from there to Turkey





China may not be in our itinerary as it is looking to be prohibitively expensive. An alternate route via Kazakhstan,Turkey,Greece and thence to England may be a good plan B. Shipping the car back from England doesn’t seem to be much more expensive than shipping from SE Asia.


Our completed plan

Our completed plan









As it turned out we were able to ship our car from Egypt to Turkey and made it through Russia, Mongolia and hine without any real problems. We took the eastern route of Africa as we were told that it is more interesting and equally iffey as compared to the western route.

We were almost warned off from any travel north of Nairobi and some overlanders did turn back south. We proceeded north using any local knowledge before proceeding through any risky areas. We were able to arrange our China leg via an agent in Holland whilst we were on the road and applied for our Chinese tourist visas in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.