About us

30/9/13 at homeWe live in Sydney and have three daughters and three grandsons. We have always enjoyed camping and travelling around Australia.Two years ago Judy stumbled across the Troopy Tracks  website and suggested that we might do an overland trip around the World. I thought about this for approximately five seconds before agreeing.We had already been planning a trip to the Northern Territory and this became a trial run, successful as it turned out.

We are starting in South Africa and winding our way to Europe ( not sure whether to take the Eastern or Western route) chuck a right and drive through Russia,Mongolia,China and back down through South East Asia. We are basically going to follow the sun with no strict itinerary other than to reach Mongolia at the start of August of 2014, before it starts getting too cold.


IMG_0591I am 63 year old and have just resigned from my job as a Radiographer (YEEEEE HAW). My main interest is in music and as you can see in the photo I am right into Rock (booboom). I am taking a small acoustic guitar with me and hope to have some jams with the local tribesmen.


I am also a Radiographer and I have fifteen months leave from work to celebrate  my 60th Birthday! I enjoy camping and travel.I am looking forward to seeing everyday life around the world.