30th May 2014 Bosnia is a pretty country from what we saw of it, which was only the hundred and fifty or so K’s it took to get us to Dubrovnik in Croatia. We did pass a still active mine field near Foca, the scene of some atrocities. My language skills in Russian are gradually being reawakened, never great at the best of times, I became excited when I read a sign at a fast food outlet proclaiming piroshky, a kind of Russian pasty with various fillings of, say, savoury mince, or sauerkraut, that I love. Alas in Bosnia it means chicken roll. A total of five hours was spent in Bosnia. As we crossed the Bosnian border the officer let us pass without any formalities whatsoever. I asked do we need a stamp in the passport? His reply do you want one? My reply do I need one his no!