7th June 2014 Three countries in one day,   again.

Entered Italy with same amount of formalities as for Slovenia i.e. none, weren’t sure exactly when we entered the country. No passport checks or green card/carnet.

8th June 2014 Now at the “Jolly Camping” ground in Venice.

Venice was really something extraordinary, from the busy tourist areas to deserted alleyways and squares in the back-blocks.


The best way to see Venice is to just walk around which we did for many hours before catching a ferry that took us all round the city, giving us yet a different perspective on this unique place. We finished our day by having a pizza there and whilst being very good we both agree that the pizzas from Menai, back home, are better.

I will let the photos do the talking.

9th June 2014 Adriatic Sea in the morning, Ligurian Sea in the afternoon, travelled the entire width of Italy, 400k’s at it’s widest. Ready for the coastal, five-village walk of Cinque Terre tomorrow.

Had Maca’s for lunch (terrible isn’t it!) and we both agree that the Maca’s from Menai, back home, are better. True Bogans huh? On exiting Maca’s we then discovered the best Italian shared table cafe with beautiful salads and delicacies. Judy not happy.

10th June 2014 The five villages of Cinque Terre are quite interesting and built on very steep terrain but the walks between the villages were all closed. I thought that this was meant to be part of the experience. We had to do it by train. Supposedly a “World heritage of UNESCO” since 1998 and National Park since 1997 we were a little underwhelmed. Maybe we are just bad tourists.

But it was a beautiful summers day.

11th June 2014 Another perfect day to drive around the Italian Riviera calling in at low key villages and lunching on dark sand/pebble beaches (I mean sitting on them and having lunch)

What seems to happen here is that you go to the beach bar at about 5pm, to have a beer, and they ply you with food, no dinner necessary. Today we were given bruschetta, focaccia, pizza, olives, chilli pasta, carrot sticks-eh-fro mage’, crisps, peanuts and tuna, onion and cannelloni bean potage of compote (my quote)

And of course Portofino. We drove in. It’s lovely. It is a dead end. No parking. So you have to drive back out again. And I remember doing the exact same thing forty years ago.

Our good friends, the fireflies, are also back again over the last few nights.

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