30th May 2014 The campsite in Dubrovnik that we tried first was really crowded and priced at about AUS$60/night but after some shopping around we find ourselves 10k’s out of town, overlooking the Adriatic for AUD$24/night.

31st May 2014 Caught the bus into Old Dubrovnik, the walled city section of greater Dubrovnik. This ancient city is in excellent condition and is very interesting to see especially on a magnificent day as we had, but so many tourists, yes I know I’m one of them, and every building is a tourist shop of some description i.e. restaurant, souvenir or women’s clothing. The rest of Dubrovnik is also very pleasing.

4th June 2014 We have been weaving our way up the Dalmatian coast staying on the seashore each night and visiting some of the old towns along the way.

Some of the campsites are huge. Tonight we are at Kamp Strasko near the town Novalja. This place has 1800 campsites and bungalows, a nudist camping section, restaurants, supermarket, camping shop, nightclub, sport, recreational areas, masseur, tattooist and palatial toilets with piped music. They can cater to 6500 people. We are camped at the waters edge, beach, in the shade of Dalmatian oak trees on manicured lawn with a huge sun setting on the water. This is camping with a capital G for glamping. Ninety per cent of the people here are Germans with huge mobile homes the rest are Dutch, Austrians and did I forget to mention! two Australians.

5th June 2014 Just coasting.


6th June 2014 The highlight for the day came at 11pm, just as we were about to go to sleep. We arrived at our campsite late, sunset, at around 9pm. We found a spot right on the water, as usual, to the sound of a live Croatian band playing at the camp restaurant. By the time we were tucked up in bed it was 11pm. Then BANG, and another and another. From the far side of the bay was a fireworks display but doubled because of its reflection on the mirror surface of the water. Thank you for that, and off to sleep.

7th June 2014 (The Day After D Day) The Axis powers have invaded Croatia. Germans, Austrians and Italians were massed at the Croatian border in a ten kilometre queue but the Croatians were ready for them with many, huge camping areas, some three kilometres long, and high tariffs but I don’t think they will repulse them this time.

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